Bang Europe 12

Bang Europe 12

Starring: Jenny De Lugo, Sandra, Kari, Frida
Category: Oral Sex, One On One, Masturbation, Teens, Lesbian, Brunette

Girls go years without knowing the pleasure of lesbian sex, but eventually, they all found out how delicious a dripping pussy tastes, as well as how much better a female can finger that insatiable cunt. See for yourself as ladies from across the pond team together in order to achieve the best orgasms possible in Bang Europe 12, where all the cunts are from Britain!

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01:21:13 18-06-2018 809 views

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  • Original title: Bang Europe 12
  • Release date: 18-06-2018
  • Genre: Erotic +18
  • Rating: 5.0 1 votes
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