The Art Of Kissing

The Art Of Kissing

Stars: Ani Blackfox, Baby Swabery, Cayla Lyons, Gina Gerson, Lovita Fate, Melody Petite, Miki Torrez, Stella Cox

Scene 1: Embrace

Cute Mexican babe Melody Petite and adorable blonde Swabery Baby kiss passionately in episode one of “The Art Of Kissing Revisited.” Their mutual lust grows as they suck each other’s stiff nipples and Swabery licks Melody’s juiced-up pussy hungrily. Swabery straddles Melody’s face to get eaten, then moves into a hot sixty-nine, both girls licking each other avidly. Swabery orgasms breathlessly and then kisses Melody even more ardently as she finger-fucks her to climax. They share each other’s sweet flavor as they kiss and kiss.

Scene 2: Fondle

Busty babe Stella Cox and cute blonde Cayla Lions start their secret affair in episode two of “The Art Of Kissing Revisited.” Playing pool, their flirting leads to avid kissing, before Cayla kneels to eat Stella to a powerful orgasm, making her big breasts bounce with every stroke of her tongue. Stella bends Cayla over the pool table and spreads her cheeks to eat her from behind, then licks her juicy pussy and muffles her moans of pleasure with a passionate kiss.

Scene 3: Frisky

Sexy girlfriends Ani Blackfox and Miki Torrez lick watermelon juice from each other’s luscious lips in episode three of “The Art Of Kissing Revisited.” Miki licks and fingers Ani’s shaved pussy, turning her around to eat her from behind, kissing her hungrily. Ani sucks Miki’s puffy clit as she drills her wet pussy, making her climax breathlessly.

Scene 4: Make Out

Sexy blonde newcomer Lovita Fate confesses to a crush on Gina Gerson in episode four of “The Art Of Kissing.” When they girls get together poolside, they flirt and soon begin to kiss; Gina sucks on Lovita’s beautiful breasts and kisses a trail down to her shaved pussy, eating her skillfully. Lovita licks Gina’s hot, wet pussy until the slender brunette goes wild, then lies back to get eaten to a quiet but intense climax. Gina grinds on Lovita’s pretty face as she chases another, even more powerful orgasm.

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